About Pevero Mooring

Sea Company works in North Sardinia and primarily offers mooring services at Fox Mooring and Pevero Mooring, mooring fields located in Costa Smeralda, respectively in Cala di Volpe Bay and Pevero Gulf.

The company mission is founded on an economic development research, compatible with environmental protection, preservation of natural wealth and human resources valorization, and is customers satisfaction oriented.
Mooring fields realization entailed the establishment of bays with regulations in which, using a special anchorage system, the seabed is protected from being ploughed by the boats big anchors, with a broad benefit in behalf of the poseidonia seaweed and in behalf of ecosystem.
The ship owners and the crews appreciate the safety and supervisory systems and the range of services that Sea Company delivers professionally in its structures during the period starting from May to September.

Since  2007  at  Today  the number  of  boats  moored by Sea Company has been perpetually and naturally increasing because its mooring fields, with their excellent services, are a fascination for holiday-makers going through the Mediterranean Sea, who are looking for beautiful and clean bays, but also looking for safety, relax and comforts of different kinds.

The two reserves have all together 48 buoys for boats from 15 MT to 150 MT.

Sea Company is proud to accommodate during the summer’s months the biggest and the most beautiful boats in the world, which have on board the most famous representatives of international jet-set.

Fox Mooring and Pevero Mooring locations are peerless for the beauty of sea and bays because they are placed in the most  suggestive inlets of Costa Smeralda.

All additional services have excellent standards of quality and are supplied by the staff who provides its assistance and presence afloat.